This section includes you guys too. None of this would exist at all if you didn't watch my videos. I am eternally grateful for every single one of you and everyone who worked on this project with me.

As far as the actual company goes, I wrote down salt_hank as my user name when I had zero followers because I am fucking obsessed with salt. I eat salt plain. My mom always said she had a sodium deficiency and she's also a salt fiend, so I'm pretty sure I do too. I also love comfortable hoodies and sweatpants and cool hats. The combination of salt and those things in one company is a ridiculously mind boggling dream come true. Again, all credit to you guys for making this possible.


All of the blends that we sell were hand crafted by myself and a real life salt guru in his salt thunder dome. The salt guru is my supplier Zach. He has a warehouse in Colorado that contains basically every type of spice known to man. I initially came to him with 20 concepts. For each one we'd get a mixing bowl and a plethora of different spices, and blend and taste test until we'd finally have that eureka moment where the perfect flavor profile just smacks you in the face. I spent several days with Zach concocting these blends and we were on fire. We both truly experienced that a-ha moment with every single seasoning that's available here. I am incredibly proud of what we created and I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I do.